Filmora - Create Video Lessons

Convert Text and Audio to Video

Teachers can convert any text lesson or audio lesson to video easily with Filmora. Once content is in video format, then students can view lessons on Youtube and Facebook or any device, such as computer, tablet or phone.

Create a Screencast

Educators can create a screencast, which just records all the activity on their computer screen. Screencasts are great for recording Powerpoint or Slide presentation because the students can watch them away from class for review or self-study and they can watch them at their own pace. Screencasts are great for teaching pragmatics and grammar.

Record a Live Video

The webcam feature allows for many teachable moments. My favorite is to record a short message that highlights the target language, for example using the past tense, the future tense, or more complex structures. Teachers can record short anecdotes or stories and then share them with the students. The best thing about short webcam videos is that they are super easy and fast to make. Of course the teachers can also use the webcam to record lessons live in class.

Audio Slide Show

Another great way to use Filmora is to create an audio slide show. There are many ways to do slides shows from narrated stories to interviews with context setting images. Another easy activity is to show a list of language items like idioms and have an image for each target language being explained. The training video shows how to do this with idioms about animals.