Audacity - Create Audio Lesson Materials

Audacity is a free software you can download from With this powerful tool you can make many types of lesson materials such as audio conversations, mini-lectures, and vocabulary models.

Tutorial 1 - How to make a basic audio lesson (6 Min)

Learn how to make fun and effective listening tasks in just two minutes! Student can then access them online for homework.

Tutorial 2 - How to change the speed of an audio file (5 min)

Learn how to change the speed of the audio so it is easier to hear, yet still sounds natural.

Tutorial 3 - How to edit a file, use various tools and put pauses in the audio (8 min)

Learn how to add pauses to audio so students have more time to process what they hear. This lesson is good for creating shadow activities. 

Tutorial 4 - How to record text

Basic review. This video is from the previous course.